HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters (Absolute) Applications&Description

Applications :

Absolute (HEPA) filters are used in a wide range of applications such as clean rooms,
operating theatres, research facilities, the electronic and micro-electronics industries,
nuclear and pharmaceutical industries and high speed turbines.Clean Rooms tend to employ the
narrower 146mm deep filter and utilise a lower face velocity in accordance with the relevant
Clean Room Standards, thus providing a laminar air flow either across the work area or
across the complete room depending upon the application.


Description :

The filtration medium is provided by microfine glass fibres formed into a paper-like surface, supplied in various grades depending upon filtration efficiency required. The filter paper is formed into a close pleated package to provide a large surface area. Corrugated spacers of either kraft paper or aluminium are inserted between each pleat to provide support for the pleat and also maximise the entire surface of the filtering medium.